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Unique distant energy healing; energy and physical states assessment; energy system and chakras cleansing, balancing, and normalizing to be energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy, performed by experienced medical intuitives and healers. Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are also the authors of the books "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" & "21st Century's New Chakra Healing," the only healer's practical guides you'll ever need.


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Bio-Energy System Services, Inc.

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What do we offer?

Low energy? Want to be healthier and happier? Want to relieve unwanted physical, emotional or mental conditions? Want to rejuvenate your organism? Want to prevent illnesses? Want to cleanse your home or workplace of negative bad energy and normalize the energy? Want to improve your business or relationship? This is the place for your energy balancing, normalizing and distant healing!

§ We perform unique distant human and pet energy system assessment and perceive intuitively your energetically unbalanced areas, organs and body systems. You may be aware of some your physical problems when they are already present on the physical level. We may determine your energy imbalances on the physical level and on the energetic level as well. These energy imbalances can negatively affect the physical bodies, specific organs and body systems. Problems or illnesses may occur in the physical body due to the energy imbalances. We assess energetic condition of the physical organs and body systems in order to restore energetic balance and maintain health. We do distant assessment of most physical organs, body parts and body systems. We'll perceive your condition at a distance or in-person (it works effectively in the same way), and tell you exactly what is going on in your physical body, organs and systems.

E-mail assessment - $30. In-office assessment - $60 (call for an appointment).

*Order your E-mail assessment now and pay securely through Paypal (You may open a new account in a minute and pay with your favorite method):

Or pay traditionally by a personal or cashier check, or money order sending it to Bio-Energy System Services, Inc., P.O. Box 461685, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Please also e-mail us your (or for whom you order the energy assessment) last and first names and birthdate (month, day, year). Please mention your payment method. We'll contact you as soon as we'll receive the payment.

§ We do cleansing, balancing and normalizing people's or pet bio-energy and chakra systems. We set the energy system free of blocked, unbalanced, discordant, stale, and stagnant energy, and restore and promote vital life energy flow throughout the energy system and physical body. We cleanse human and pet energy fields and chakras by removing negative bio-energy and blocks. We perform energetic work to maintain energy balance, which brings energetic and physical health. Generally, you'll feel better energetically and physically.

*Order Distant Energy Cleansing, Balancing, and Normalizing online now to be energetically cleansed and balanced. You'll get 30 consecutive distant sessions for just $150.

§ We perform distant (absent) bio-energy healing of energy systems, physical organs and body systems at any long distance. We heal energy imbalances and many physical conditions. We restore energetic balance and health in the physical body, physical organs and body systems. We normalize and alleviate many health problems and conditions such as headaches, migraines, physical pain or discomfort, breathing difficulties and lungs problems, cold, flu, stomach and digestion problems, heart, blood problems, liver, kidneys, bladder, prostate gland problems, spinal column and bones problems, muscle and joint conditions, nervous system problems, prolonged stress and depression, and many more.

*Order Distant Energy Healing online now. You'll get 30 consecutive sessions of our distant energy healing including energy cleansing, balancing and normalizing for $360.

§ We rejuvenate the physical body and the whole organism. We work on the energetic level whereas you feel better on the physical level. It's a phenomenon of the distant healing and our energetic methods.

§ We perform preventive energy healing and balancing to avoid serious illnesses. We do the assessment of energetic resourses of the physical body determining energy condition of physical organs (weak or strong). You should not wait until an illness is developed or the organs become weakened or ill. Maintain your energy and health on everyday basis to stay healthy.

§ We specialize in relieving asthma condition, healing migraines, heart, bladder and kidneys (urinary problems), liver, prostate gland, blood problems (leukemia or other blood disorders), MS (Multiple Sclerosis) energy lack, and healing the reproductive system problems.

Distant Energy Healing for Prostate Gland Health

Distant Energy Healing for Women's Health

Distant Energy Healing for Dentists

Distant Energy Healing for Lawyers

Distant Energy Healing for Entertainers and Hollywood

§ We cleanse, balance and normalize energy of homes, workplaces, and businesses at any long distance to improve them and make more successful. We'll tell you where the energy is blocked or unbalanced and causes problems.

§ We normalize relationships and any relations (including business or work issues). We perceive the energetic information and may tell about people you can work or be partners with. Or we may perceive the conclusion of any cituation or case.

*Order E-Mail Consultation for $10 and ask any specific question about the energetic information on any personal or work relationship, work, business or home place to perceive. Order it now through Paypal.

§ We also share our healers' secrets in our books "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" and "21st Century's New Chakra Healing." So everyone can become a healer for themselves or others and maintain the energy and health in everyday life.


Energy healing specialists, medical intuitives, counselors, and authors: Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

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Contact Information

Electronic mail address:

Ask for ordering information and healing options.

Telephone: (818) 347-6459

Make an appointment today to receive your energy system assessment including balanced and unbalanced physical organs and systems.

Office Address:

739 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Between Melrose Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.)

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 461685, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Fax: (801) 457-0986

Web address

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How-to-do Book on Bio-Energy Healing by Nudels

Health by Bio-Energy and Mind. Everything you need to develop your ability to feel and assess human energy, and perform energy healing and balancing.

cover Buy It Now At Amazon.Com!

Or Buy It At!icon

Book Health by Bio-Energy and Mind (ISBN 0-9677514-0-3) by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D. The book is immediately available at Click on the cover and order now. For bookstores: the book is distributed through New Leaf Distributing Co., Baker and Taylor, and Ingram.

More Info on Book Order...

Secrets of bio-energetic healing, influence, and management and control over all spheres of well-being are revealed in the book. You will find powerful techniques for normalizing more than 40 specific physical conditions and imbalances including headaches, asthma, blood pressure problems, back pain, insomnia and much more. It is step-by-step guidance how to become a healer for yourself and others. With Health by Bio-Energy and Mind you will be able to control anything with your bio-energy including physical, mental, and energetic health. Besides health, you will be able to manage "energetically" balanced your food, cars, homes, clothing, furniture, and workplace. You will control emotional situations or events with your energy.

"There is an opening of new understanding of outer world and your inner-self, and ability to control it consciously and "energetically."

"Possessing developed perceptions of bio-energy fields, you possess powerful inner strength and high self-esteem. You have extraordinary perception and intuition now...You are able to help self and others to maintain health and inner peace. You can heal illnesses and discomfort with bio-energy. You carry "energetic" understanding of the world, and teach others about abilities of bio-energy and mind..."


The book Health by Bio-Energy and Mind comes with a review of James E. Harvey, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Clayton College of Natural Health.

Dr. Harvey wrote: "The current Western medical model diagnoses, labels, then attacks disease. By contrast, the Nudels bring to us a refreshing description of an ancient and holistic method of healing. Using easy to read and well-illustrated text, they explain, how anyone can learn to prepare for and direct Bio-Energy to support the body in achieving and maintaining a high level of wellness."

"I am still dumbfounded that the simple exercises taught in Health by Bio-Energy and Mind and 21st Century's New Chakra Healing actually begin to effect immediate changes and sensations on the physical body! The Nudels generously share their methods for healing with you so that everyone can help heal themselves and others, even at a distance. Please follow the the authors instructions carefully--the methods work!"

- Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D., M.H.H., R.N.C.P. Author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology"& "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies"

More Review...

"I really enjoyed reading reading both your books. Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" sets the stage for 21st Century's New Chakra Healing. Both books are very useful and chocked full of practical information and exercises. They make excellent companion books."

- Phyllis Light, M.H. Director of Herbal Studies, Clayton College of Natural Health

"If you've ever wondered how to perceive and utilize the energy and electromagnetic waves surrounding us, this book is for you. Written by Michael and Eva Nudel, healers originally from South Russia, the book is chock full of exercises anyone can practice to perceive and heal with bio-energy..."

- Whole Life Times, June 2000

More Review...

How-to-do book proposes a valuable information how to start feel human energy fields, assess bio-energy and the physical state, and perform energy healing. You will gain knowledge of bio-energy and of everyday use of it as well as including bio-energy defense, stress and emotions management. The book offers step-by-step program how to activate healing energy in your hands, prepare your own mind for energy work, how to become an energy healer and heal yourself and your relatives, and even pets with your bio-energy and mind. Here you will find unique methods of distant energy healing and healing on a photograph.The book consists of many practical techniques and exercises including healer's tools: visualization, meditation, yoga, memory enhancement, and much more.

More Info...

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How-to-do Book on Revolutionary Chakra Healing by Nudels

21st Century's New Chakra Healing: The Revolutionary Method of Healing That Will Make You Healthy and Balanced.

cover Buy It Now At Amazon.Com!

Or Buy It At Barnes and Noble!

Book 21st Century's New Chakra Healing (ISBN 0-9677514-1-1) by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D. It is immediately available at Click on the cover and buy it now. For bookstores: the book is distributed by New Leaf Distributing Co., Baker and Taylor, and Ingram.

More Info on Book Order...

The book proposes an absolutely new method of energetic healing, normalizing, balancing and cleansing of chakras and chakra systems. In the book, we really share our healer's secrets with people. Now everyone may be healthy and energetic; relieve any negative energy blocks or imbalances using easy to develop an energetic ability to heal through an energetic image. Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing proposed in the book is Michael Nudel's method of chakra and energy balancing and healing performed with the drawing of your own ether "double" image. Never published before method and techniques of chakra and energy healing and balancing had been invented and developed by Michael Nudel and proven during many years of his healer's experience.

You will be able to balance and heal yourself and others at a close distance and any long distance. You will easily relieve distress, emotional, mental, and spiritual discomfort; normalize many physical conditions, and all your physical organs and systems. You will be able to maintain your chakras' health on an everyday basis using step-by-step techniques and exercises offered in the book.

Become a healer for yourself! Now you can do this! You will see how it is easy to achieve it in reality reading our practical guide and performing simple and effective exercises.

Caution: The cover is energetic and it will bring positive healing energy into your home or office.


"Anyone can be a healer, say authors Michael and Eva Nudel - and in this book, they set out to show you how. Utilizing his 25 years of experience as a healer in South Russia and America, Michael created his technique of "Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing" that allows a practitioner to work energetically on anyone, at any distance..."

- Whole Life Times, September 2000

More Review...

"...Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., reveal their revolutionary method and techniques of their new chakra healing secrets. They describe how you can start your own healing and maintain your own health..."

- Leading Edge Review, Fall 2001

"The Nudels in their most recent book, 21st Century's New Chakra Healing, provide us with an opportunity to better understand the concept of walking in balance. Step by step, they teach us a new and exciting method of healing the chakras for ourselves and for others, both in present and at a distance. It is a wonderful reference book for anyone interested in Natural Healing."

- James E. Harvey, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Clayton College of Natural Health

"You may think that the mental exercises and drawings taught for bio-energy work are just too simple to affect any real physical changes. Nevertheless, if you follow the concise, step by step instructions contained within these pages you will be amazed by the immediate effects you can experience. It's almost scary!

This book will empower you with understanding the importance of your major chakras (energy centers) of your body, and how to cleanse and balance them with concise, step by step instructions. Be ready for the healing results, it works!"

- The author Frankie Avalon Wolfe, Ph.D., M.H.H., R.N.C.P.

More Review...

"Energy medicine is the Next Wave in the holistic health arena. The Nudels are at the forefront of this wave bringing an awareness of energy systems and use that only an intuitive and studied approach and practice can bring. More so, their depth of commitment to helping others heal and to educating other healers shines through in their work. "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" is an easy to read book which can help anyone learn to cleanse, balance, and normalize the Chakras and remove blocks which can impede physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Nudels provide an excellent foundation which can help anyone understand chakras and their role in health. Their use of drawing the energetic double image to aid in the work is both innovative and brilliant. Chakra healing is a very useful tool in any healer's repertoire of working modalities. Their explanation of the chakras and the organ systems is both usable and easy to use. This is one book worthy a place on any healer's bookshelf."

- Phyllis Light, M.H., Director of Herbal Studies, Clayton College of Natural Health.

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About Us

I, Michael Nudel, have an inborn ability to feel my bio-energy and the bio-energy fields around people, and I had greatly developed the abilities to perceive and determine people's health physical and energetic problems simply by looking at people or perceiving these imbalances from people's personal energetic information (name and birthdate) without seeing the people. During twenty-six years of energy healing and medical intuition experience I had invented and developed my own methods and techniques of energy assessment, medical intuition, and bio-energy and chakra healing.

I had started my healer and intuitive's practice in South Russia, and I continue my energetic work in America helping people to be healthy and energetic.

I, Eva Nudel, have started studying natural health topics and mind healing in South Russia. In America, I graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health, Alabama, and earned my Ph.D. Degree in Holistic Health Sciences and Master Degree in Natural Health.

Energetic health and bio-energy abilities were my favorite topics in all of my college works and our books.

More Info ...

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"I have been reading your book "Health by Bio-energy and Mind." I am very excited about developing my own abilities to heal. I feel blessed that G-d brought me to you." - Mary C.

"...Some of the exercises have been very positive. I found relief from shallow breathing pattern..." - Albert S.

"Thank you so much for all of your help in my asthma relief. I've not experienced attacks for two years... Moreover, I want to tell you how I enjoyed reading your "21st Century's New Chakra Healing." I found answers on all of my questions. It is really a revolutionary book. And you deserved your place in history along with your methods of healing..." - Alexander B.

"I'm going to use your book to help me. I know that I certainly won't be able to do the kind of work you do, but I'll try to follow the instructions closely. Thanks for all of your help." - Jane A.

"I am feeling so much better!!!! Thank you soooo much. Keep giving us good energy. It is wonderful to feel so good physically and emotionally balanced!!!!!!!" - Dorothy P.

"Your good energy is with me. I am very happy you are helping me. Thank you again...and God bless you both." - Susan N.

"The book "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" and energetic work is fantastic...When I started reading it, I was just too worn out--but now I'm really soaking in it. I am going to take it to Europe with me and use the exercises in your book. I should come back completely rejuvenated. " - Freddy B.

"I love your book "21st Century's New Chakra Healing." I'll be sharing it with others, and I will carry some in my spa when it's up and running." - Freddy B.

"I am really enjoying the second book and am starting to do the exercises in both books. Thanks a lot for writing them. There is so much to learn from your books, but I really enjoy this kind of learning." - Jackie K.

"I really feel good and energetic today!!! I feel like my "new" self!!! Please keep the work going." - Janet W.

"Thank you, you are both so special and I truly appreciate your kindness and patience with me during these times. Life is so amazing and I feel so blessed to have been directed to you and Michael...Thank you so much again for your guidance and your work..." - Janet W.

"I would like to say that I purchased your book on the internet and it is the best book I have ever purchased...Thank you for giving me the insight that I needed to decide that is really what I want to do. Your book is clear and easy to follow..." - Kate G.

"I'm doing much better. My voice has come back (thank you for your healing) 95% so far. I am so happy to be able to speak again!!" - Darlene M.

"You have such special gifts: I feel so fortunate that you have shared them with me. The baby is due in about 7 weeks...Thank you so much..." - Sasha Q.

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§ The Nudels' article "Distant Healing as Advanced Form of Bio-Energy Healing" is published in Positive Health Magazine June, 2002, England.

§ The Nudels' article about chakras is published in New Beginnings Newsletter, August/September, 2001, Las Vegas.

§ Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., demonstrated their healer's techniques and signed their books at Barnes & Noble, Encino, May, 2001.

§ The Nudels are awarded the Certificates of Merit for Health by Bio-Energy and Mind and 21st Century’s New Chakra Healing (Writer’s Digest, 2000 National Self-Published Book Awards).

§ The Nudels are nominated for recognition in the revised edition Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors & Poets.

§ Michael and Eva Nudel presented the workshop on "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" techniques at Bodhi Tree Bookstore Annex, West Hollywood, April, 2001. Everyone at the event received the energy assessment including determination of balanced and unbalanced areas in the physical organs and body parts.

§ Michael and Eva Nudel were interviewed on 94.7 FM KTWV "the Wave," Morning Show "Points of Light." (Los Angeles).

§ Michael and Eva Nudel were interviewed on Raduga TV, Show "60 Minutes"(Channel 95, Los Angeles).

§ Next they will appear on 90.7 FM KPFK "Inner Vision" Show (Los Angeles).

§ Read the review on "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" in Whole Life Times Magazine, September, 2000.

§ Read the reviews on "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" and "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" in Leading Edge Review, Fall 2001.

§ Read the article "Chakras as Psychic Centers" by Nudels published in Eternal Health & Wealth, Canada, November/December 2000.

§ Read the article "Hands-On Healing with Bio-Energy" by Nudels published in Whole Life Times Magazine, October, 2000.

§ Read the alumni notes about Nudels published in Holistic Times Newsletter of Clayton College of Natural Health, Volume 7, Number 3, October, 2000.

News Release: Health by Bio-Energy and Mind

News Release: 21st Century's New Chakra Healing

News Release: 10ft. Sunflowers Grown in California with Bio-Energy Work

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The services offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease or condition. These services are offered as a method of empowering you to direct your own healing process and are recommended in conjunction with the above services when required.

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