All healers and psychics to donate the energy work and prays to normalize the energy of Israel and Palestine

All Healers and Psychics to Donate the Energy and Prays to Normalize the Energy of Israel and Palestine

All healers and psychics, who may determine, cleanse of the negative energy, and normalize and balance the energy, please donate your energy work and prays to normalize the energy of Israel and Palestine.

It is hard to see everyday how people kill themselves and others. There is a lot of negative energy above Israel and Palestine. It must be cleared out and balanced for people to live in peace and calmness.

Every healer and psychic should donate at least little time and efforts to send their positive energy to Israel and Palestine. Then, we altogether may cleanse and balance the energy, stop fight and terror, and bring peace. We ask everyone to send healing energy, positive thoughts, prays and love. We believe we'll do everything possible to stop bloody actions and achieve peace.

We send good energy and prays to Israel and Palestine. We'll make the sky and land clear of negative or bad energy. We must do it, and altogether we'll do it.

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