Bio-Energy System Services, Inc.

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Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: (818) 347-6459

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Experts and masters in bio-energy assessment, balancing and distant healing, and authors of Health by Bio-Energy and Mind and 21st Century’s New Chakra Healing.

About the subject:

§ Unique bio-energy assessment including determination the energy condition in most physical organs and systems in people and pets; or perceiving the energy condition in places, situations, and relationships (the assessment is performed in face or at any long distance)

§ Energy cleansing and balancing in people, pets, homes, workplaces, and businesses; any energy blocks, bad energy or imbalances relief

§ Distant energy balancing and normalizing many physical, emotional and mental conditions

§ Effective distant energy healing of specific conditions, physical organs and systems

§ Increasing energy level and general health improvement on the physical level

About the prospective speakers:

§ Originally from South Russia, a healer of twenty-six years Michael Nudel and Dr. Eva Nudel use their own innovative methods of energy assessment and healing to help people to restore and maintain their health.

§ Through the books, the Nudels share their effective methods of healing with people so anyone may become a healer for themselves and others. This dynamic duo gives workshops and demonstrations of their “energetic“ methods.

§ The Nudels were featured on radio, TV and print media in Los Angeles. The Nudels’ books have gathered numerous reviews and testimonials.


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