Everything in the universe consists of energy. We are energy beings. Sickness originates from energy imbalances and blocks. It is important to maintain energetic balance in order to restore and achieve physical, emotional and mental health.

Experienced energy healing specialists and medical intuitives, originally from South Russia, Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., offer their unique services of distant energy healing and bio-energy balancing. The Nudels authored two how-to-do books Health by Bio-Energy and Mind and 21st Century’s New Chakra Healing revealing their methods of healing.

Low in energy? Want to know what is wrong in your organism? Want to relieve unwanted imbalances and conditions? Willing to get healed and restore health?

-Bio-energy system assessment and distant healing is right for you.

Call for an appointment today! Or e-mail for your energy assessment! Michael and Eva Nudel can perceive energy balances and imbalances in your organism and perform distant healing and balancing for you.

What we Do offer

§ Bio-energy system assessment including determination the energy condition in most physical organs and systems in people and pets, or energy condition in places and situations (the assessment performed in face or at any long distance as well)

§ Energy cleansing and balancing in people, pets, homes, workplaces and businesses; any energy blocks, negative energy or imbalances relief

§ Distant energy balancing and normalizing many physical, emotional and mental conditions

§ Distant energy healing of specific conditions, physical organs and systems

§ Increasing energy level and general improvement on the physical level



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