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Biographies and Facts Sheet

Michael Nudel And Eva Nudel, Ph.D., are medical intuitives and energy healing and balancing specialists of Bio-Energy System Services, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. They are experts in energy and distant healing. They relieve unwanted conditions, restore people’s health and energy, maintain their physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance using their own methods and techniques of bio-energy and chakra work.

Michael Nudel has an inborn ability to perceive people’s bio-energy fields and energetic information. He had greatly developed his ability of a medical intuitive to perceive any energetic imbalances in the energy systems and assess energetic and physical states determining unbalanced areas, physical organs and body parts. He can tell everything about people’s energy and their conditions even without seeing and knowing these people. His clients are always amazed with 100% readings and assessment. Michael can relieve any unwanted condition at any long distance. He can heal people with his strong bio-energy and own methods. For many years of a healer and intuitive's experience, Michael had invented and developed his own methods and techniques of energy healing and assessment. For example, he shares his method of Ether “Double” Image Chakra Healing in the book 21st Century’s New Chakra Healing. Michael had started his healer’s practice in South Russia and continues his energetic work in America.

Co-author, partner, wife and mother of their three children, Eva Nudel has started studying of natural health and mind healing in South Russia. In America, in 1999, she graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health of Alabama, and earned her Ph.D. degree in Holistic Health Sciences and M.S. degree in Natural Health both with High Honors. Her doctoral dissertation about chakra healing based on research and observation of Michael’s work and his methods of bio-energy and chakra healing and intuition was mentioned as outstanding by the college professors and got a special entry of excellence in the college record.

Professors of Clayton College reviewed both Nudels’ books and found them useful, easy to read, “innovative and brilliant.“ The author Frankie Avalon Wolfe said: “The simple exercises taught in both Health by Bio-Energy and Mind and 21st Century’s New Chakra Healing actually begin to effect immediate changes and sensations on the physical body! The Nudels generously share their methods for healing with you so that everyone can help heal themselves and others, even at a distance. Please follow the authors instructions carefully--the methods work!”


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