New Chakra Healing

New Chakra Healing

Excerpts from the Book 21st Century's New Chakra Healing by Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

People use five senses to perceive the material world around them. However, the material world consists of more subtle occurrences than can be perceived by the five senses, and if people become attuned to the higher dimensional worlds, they can more easily comply with the Laws of the Universe. As small parts people must submit the Laws of Universe. In other words, by developing people's ability to sense energetic fields, they will perceive the world around them with a more complete perspective that includes a newly developed bio-energetic ability. Developing bio-energetic abilities is a fascinating and evolving process. Once you begin developing your energy and healing abilities, it is not possible to stop, turn away, or forget the experience.

At birth, we are all given the unique ability to feel our own bio-energetic field and that of others, as well as the energy field of any live matter. People hold powerful energetic strength and potential, inside and out. In ancient times, people widely used the sixth sense - energy perception. We may open and develop bio-energetic ability to feel, assess and normalize the energy, work with the chakras (the energetic centers), and use this ability for our own health and balance.

Using methods of chakra healing, you will not only be able to help yourself be healthy¾ you can help family, loved ones, and pets as well. By learning to control and direct your own energy, or even the energy of anyone else, you will learn how to achieve optimum health for yourself and others.

Chakra healing had been known and used for many thousands of years. However, it had stayed the same without any progress. In the book "21st Century's New Chakra Healing", we have synthesized the ancient teachings with Michael Nudel's own techniques to form a unique and innovative method named Ether "Double" Image Healing. Our book reveals this method of chakra energy healing, which may be performed by anyone, on anyone, and at any distance - close or long. The unique method of Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing can be your effective healer’s tool forever. You need not believe our words ¾ you will be able to know, practice and observe miracles of healing and energetic influence on your own.

The new chakra healing is performed on the ether "double" image. The "Ether Double" of the physical body is a subtle body of energetic vitality that evenly doubles the form of the physical body. The ether body feeds the physical body by vital energy. Moreover, bio-energy and chakra healing occur on the ether level. During a life span, the ether body builds and restores the health of the physical body. In turn, the ether body demands energy healing in order to be healthy.

We have created a harmonious system of assessment and healing on the ether double image - drawing of the ether body - which carries the exact energetic information about the ether and physical bodies.

An important aspect of new chakra healing is removing negative bio-energy which may be accumulated in the energy system. People are energy beings. The roots of human problems are energy problems. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions are energy actions. You influence other people with your bio-energy, and other people in turn influence you. Energy fields interact when people stay close to each other. When an influence is positive and peaceful, you gain positive energy and balance. On the other hand, when people are faced with an angry communicator or prolonged stressful event, they are involved in a negative energetic influence. In many cases, people’s energy may be blocked, become unbalanced, stagnant or stale.

People need to release energy blocks, whether they be emotional, mental, or even spiritual blocks, and to release bio-negativity. It is important to open the chakras and make them working and functional. Functional chakras bring vital energy to the chakra and energy system.

For effective energy and chakra healing work, it is important to prepare your mind and your bio-energy to perform the bio-energetic healing work and maintenance of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health on an everyday basis. You achieve a meditative state of mind – an important healer’s tool in energy and chakra healing. Before energy work, you develop visual memory and the ability to visualize as well. A vast amount of healing work is performed with the help of visualization. Visualization may be healing in its nature, just as positive thought may be healing. Nevertheless, you use your newly developed ability to visualize in an absolutely new and unique way.

Finally, you achieve an energetic balance in order to prevent physical illnesses, and perceive positive healing information and discharge unwanted energetic information or harmful bio-negative energy from human energetic systems. You relieve imbalances and discomforts on the energetic and physical level. You use color and crystal chakra therapy on the ether "double" image in a new and innovative way that works to influence the physical state. And moreover, you maintain your healthy energy state and heal illnesses. You may grow spiritually and energetically. Teaching of chakra healing will give you the possibility of self-awareness, personal growth, wisdom, new understanding and maturity.

New Chakra Healing will help you to be healthy and to live a highly energetic, distress-free, balanced life. You will improve your relationships and communication, learn to be more successful with high self-esteem and inner-self knowledge, and be happy and positive-minded. We believe the method of Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing opens the door to the Future of Medicine: self-healing, health and energetic balance, and intuitive control over energetic or any kind of information and influence. Using the Ether "Double" Image Method of Chakra healing, you will be able to find any imbalances and problems in your chakras and chakra system, your organs, body parts, and body systems. You will fix them all with 21 Century’s New Chakra Healing.


Copyright (c) 2000 by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.


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