Preventive Distant Energy Healing

In preventive medicine, people get treatment to avoid certain illnesses or conditions. For example, people take aspirin or specific herbs to thin blood to avoid strokes or other circulatory problems. Energetic healing may be preventive as well. It is much more effective to maintain your health and energy with bio-energy healing and balancing on everyday basis to avoid the development of the physical problems than deal with the occurred problems.

All the physical organs have energetic fields and energetic potentials. Organs may be blocked or energetically normalized and healthy, unbalanced or balanced, energetically weak or strong. When the physical organ is weak or problematic, it is perceived as energetically weak at first, and then developed into the physical condition. The most important thing is not to give the physical organ to weaken but to maintain energetically its health.

People usually wait until they develop serious conditions and then look for help and healing. Very often relatives ask for healers' help when their loved one is already going to die. It is really unwise. People should not wait until too late to help. It is better to ask for help and healing in advance much before the serious problems developed. In later stages of illness, the whole organism is down and already weakened greatly. Too many conditions and complications affect and harm the physical body and organs at that time. Even if a miracle happens in some cases and one stays alive, in some cases - not because of the whole organism's failure.

People should maintain their energy fields cleansed and balanced all the time. When the system is maintained energetically and there problem occurs, it goes easier and smoothly, much less complicated than in the system without energy maintenance, and may be more easily relieved with the energy work (distant healing is perfect for this kind of energy work).

When people want to live longer and be healthy and energetic, it is better to start energetic balancing when they are still "healthy" and maintain energetic health and balance on everyday basis. When people maintain their bio-energy cleansed and balanced with energy healing, they may live about 25% longer and healthier. With bio-energy maintaining work on everyday basis, people's organisms become more energetic and rejuvenated on the cellular level.

We have observed amazing results in mice and flowers "energetic" experiments. We have performed our bio-energy and distant work on some mice and flowers and compared their development and life span to control ones that without bio-energy work. With the distant energy work, our mice had reproduced twice longer than usual. Our "energetic" mice had had their last litter in fourteen months, whereas mice usually stop reproducing after seven months. The flowers (annuals) which were worked on with the energy cleansing and balancing have lived about 164 days, whereas the flowers without the energy influence have lived about 113 days.

Our Distant Assessment of Body's Energetic Resources helps to determine the energetic potential in the physical organs, body systems and body parts. We perceive generically strong or weak areas in your organism as well. Have the test or energy assessment to know what organs are weak and what in your body needs to be worked on regular basis to maintain them healthy and balanced. Have your organism rejuvenated and healthy with our distant energetic maintenance and preventive energy healing. You'll get rejuvenated and energized.

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