Review on "Health by Bio-Energy and Mind" by Kerri Hikida, Whole Life Times, June 2000

"If you've ever wondered how to perceive and utilize the energy and electromagnetic waves surrounding us, this book is for you. Written by Michael and Eva Nudel, healers originally from South Russia, the book is chock full of exercises anyone can practice to perceive and heal with bio-energy. After concise explanations of the basics (chakras, the various astral planes, auras, meditation and other subjects relevant to energy healing) the book details specific exercises such as "Increasing the Bio-Energy Level," "Accumulation of Energy" and "Human Energetic Protection," to name a few. An entire chapter is devoted to yoga, without which bio-energy knowledge and healing cannot be complete, say the authors. The final chapter details specific exercises for healing with bio-energy, citing specific steps a healer must take before undertaking the actual healing process, and following with instructions for healing ailments such as headaches, ulcers and insomnia. Healing at long distances and healing using only the subject's photographs are also briefly explained. Helpful illustrations round out this practical guide to energy healing."

- Whole Life Times, June 2000

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