Review on "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" by Kerri Hikida, Whole Life Times, September 2000

"Anyone can be a healer, say authors Michael and Eva Nudel - and in this book, they set out to show you how. Utilizing his 25 years of experience as a healer in South Russia and America, Michael created his technique of "Ether "Double" Image Chakra Healing" that allows a practitioner to work energetically on anyone, at any distance.

After explanations of our various etheric bodies, chakras and the power of visualization in healing work, the authors give detailed instruction on how to draw an etheric "body double" of the person you wish to work on, and how to use a pendulum to assess the subjects's energetic and physical health. Then, instructions for how to deal with specific ailments (heartburn, aches and bruises, liver problems and so on) are detailed. Finally, chapters on the use of color and crystals in healing are explained.

The Nudels' instructions are simple and to the point, and illustrations accompany many of the explanations for further guidance. If you thought the work of a healer was too esoteric or only for gifted, this book might prove you wrong."

- Whole Life Times, September 2000

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