Review on "21st Century's New Chakra Healing" on, August 2000

By Barbara Bianco, Guide to Newage

Book: 21st Century's New Chakra Healing

Authors: Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

Bio-Energy System Services, Inc.

ISBN: 0-96677514-1-1

"Chakras are one of those mysterious New Age topics that are often mentioned, but rarely explained. Generally it's presumed that if you are reading a New Age book or attending a healing workshop that you already understand what they are and how they work. Frankly I've never met anyone, even those with great learning or spiritual experience, who claims to know everything about the chakras. It just isn't possible, because the chakras exist in a dimension where our collective consciousness has yet to fully penetrate. Still here and there, we find individuals who have made it their lifework to explore the human chakra system and report back with their extraordinary findings.

Michael and Eva Nudel are two of these explorers and 21st Century's New Chakra Healing is the testament to their dedicated research. It's a handbook on the energetic properties of the chakras, covering a great deal of valuable information on the human energy field, subtle bodies, chakras as energetic centers, the ether double, chakra assessment, the chakra healing of various conditions, and the therapeutic use of colors, crystals, and gemstones. For a slim book, it contains a lot of important material for beginners and practitioners alike.

Whereas much that has been written about chakras is incredibly abstract or sounds like something you've read before, this material feels fresh. The authors have made a point of keeping things simple and to the point. For instance the form that is used for chakra assessment is the simple "doodle" drawing that we see on the front cover. It's something anyone can draw. The chakras are represented by circles, nothing that complex. A pendulum is the means by which the energetic situation is accessed. Like who couldn't hold a threaded needle over a diagram? And much of the healing work is done through visualization. So what's so hard about picturing energy flowing in certain directions or colors over particular parts of your body? I wouldn't say this book is as revolutionary as it claims to be. The information is for the most part gleaned from yoga, which has been around for a while. Still it's a clear presentation of this ancient wisdom, and if it were implemented on a wide spread basis, that would be pretty advanced. The Nudels have wisely organized their energetic work into four steps including cleansing,balancing, normalizing, and healing. Each step is well explained and essential to the overall success of the procedure describe as Ether Double Image Healing which they practice as healers of Bio-Energy System Services, Inc.

I would also like to point out that the Nudels subscribe to the practice of healing in the behalf of others. While this distinction might seem inconsequential to neophytes, they conflict with the belief systems of healers who feels that people hold a key role in their own healing. I would like to point out that in essence we are all one, and that the illness of one is the illness of all. Also that nothing can occur in our lives for good or otherwise that is not allowed by our Higher Selves. All that said, I encourage everyone to invite as much healing into their lives as possible. This planet needs healing."

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