10ft. Sunflowers Grown in California with Bio-Energy Work


10 ft. Sunflowers Grown in California with Bio-Energy Work

Los Angeles, July 1, 2001

Energy healing specialists and authors Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., raised gigantic (10 ft.) sunflowers in their own backyard in Woodland Hills. Grown from a seed, the sunflowers get not only water and sun but healers’ energy. They grow for more than 5 inches a day. The “energetic” sunflowers are really big and strong, and are growing unsupported. They still grow and develop their heads. Control sunflowers alongside that grow without the bio-energy are normal (4-5 ft. tall).

Sunflowers in California don’t grow tall usually. The Nudels have taken “normal” seeds of California sunflower and started growing them helping with the energy. The healer of twenty-five years, Michael Nudel considers: "I believe that human energy as music or talk helps plants to flourish and grow higher than usual. Sunflowers gather your good energy and grow healthy and tall."

People are surprised and amazed when observe these giant sunflowers. It is really unusual to see such “grown ups” in California.

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