What is Bio-Energy?

Excerpts from the book Health by Bio-Energy and Mind by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.


"Everything in the universe consists of energy. Everything is interconnected. All our thoughts and mental states are energy. As parts of a cosmic organism, we are energy beings.

The most amazing fact is that we have electromagnetic fields around us. These energy fields are nonmaterial, and they are associated with human emotions or thoughts as forms of energy. Any live organism has a special structure - a bio-energy field.

The bio-energy field of a human consists of subtle bodies with their energetic potentials, and which give strength and power to the biological field. Energetic potential depends on the conditions of physical and psychic health, and, perhaps, astrological factors.

For example, experienced psychics can feel human energy fields with their hands without touching a body, and, sometimes, even see a glowing aura around individuals.

Many views and hypotheses about bio-energy exist nowadays, and some many researchers call it psi-energy. Special experiments in the laboratories enabled researchers to discover waves of energy emitted by humans. With mental activities the waves changed with speed of thought: the thought was followed by energy. Electric charges in the human's head change on different levels of consciousness. The electric field of a human is the unity of positive (+) and negative (-) electric zones.

In order to be healthy, the energetic balance must be maintained in the bio-energy system. Energetic balance and constant freely flowing of energy are important factors in your health and well-being..."

"Bio-energy can be explained as bio-electromagnetic energy. You can hear about terms of positive and negative energy in bio-energy healing. We will use the term of bio-positive energy meaning pure healing energy coming from God. Positive energy flows freely in energy systems bringing vitality and health. Whereas definition of bio-negative energy is trapped, disharmonious, stale, or stagnant energy that blocking pathways and prevent vital energy from freely flowing in energy systems. Negative energy brings imbalances into energetic systems, and it is connected to illnesses and emotional trauma..."

"We possess incredible strength - our bio-energy. If you employ it consciously, it will give you tremendous power, and ability to heal yourself and others from physical, spiritual and mental problems. Step by step we will show you that it is possible to control energy consciously. Moreover, you will be able to perform "distant mental healing" and "healing on a photograph". Yes, it is possible.

Everyone possesses a more or less powerful bio-energy field which interacts with fields of others. You will learn about how to manage life situations with your bio-energy. With power of your own bio-energetic field, and energy in your hands, you can become a healer. Even if you use this knowledge for yourself and your loved ones, you will see how your life will be happier, energetic, and fulfilling..."


Copyright (c) 2000 by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

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