Distant Energy Healing Rejuvenates Mice

Distant Energy Healing Rejuvenates Mice

Study of the energy healing, balancing, and rejuvenating effect on white mice, performed by Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.

As healers, we have always dreamed to perform and get results of healing work for rejuvenation. We needed laboratory study and observation. Our task was to prolong life and life cicle. We needed to observe bio-energy work influence for rejuvenation.

We have chosen white mice for such an experiment because of their relatively short lifespan (average 12-15 months). Usually mice can bring a litter until they are seven - nine months old. After this time they become too old to reproduce.

We still perform our distant energy healing and balancing on two white mice. At first, when they were born, they have lived separately. We inroduced them to each other when they were seven months old. They started family when usually it was too late even to begin. Nevertheless, with the energy work performed, they have begun to bring a new litter every twenty one day.

Offsprings were very strong, energetic, healthy. Our mice have always cared about their newborns. They all stayed alive and cared well. Now our "old" mice are about two and a half years old. They reproduced their last litter at the age of fourteen months.

They not only live longer than usual, they were able to bring offsprings for twice longer time than usual!

We believe that our healing rejuvenates the organism. Bio-energy work fills organs and bodies with energy, removes stale energy and imbalances, keeps the energy systems in the balance. The organism functions well, and stays rejuvenated and healthy.

The energy work with mice is continued. Please come back for more update.

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