The Nudels' Distant Energy Healing Helps Recovery from Stroke

The Nudels' Distant Energy Healing Helps Recovery from Stroke

Success story on distant healing our mother diagnosed with stroke (arteriosclerosis or cardiovascular disease), performed by Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, Ph.D., Los Angeles.

Michael Nudel perceived that his mother, Deborah (about 80 years old then), might have cardiovascular imbalances (stroke), or problems with the blood vessels in six months. He clearly perceived that she would have this condition in September, 1999, stay motionless and speachless, and die in two months. It was her destiny. A clairvoyant from Uzbekistan, Irina, confirmed that conclusion.

Deborah is a very strong personality but very often becomes stressed and upset. She still lives independently with little help and likes the way she does in everything. That time she was strictly told not to get distressed to avoid a critical moment which might provoke a stroke condition.

Deborah was fine and feeling normally during those months of the preventive work. However, she got suddenly distressed in September and went into a stroke condition. At once, she was not able to talk and walk, with little understanding what was going on with her that time. She was immediatelly placed to the hospital. The doctors had performed numerous tests to diagnose her.

The Nudels have started their intensive distant healing course to help Deborah to recover quickly from her newly developed condition that time. They have performed distant healing while Deborah was in the hospital. In less than a week, her speach was restored (it was uneven at first) and she started to stand up for a few minutes.

The tests were done and shown that a stroke had a place. Deborah has not received any treatment for her condition in the hospital. But the doctors were surprised how quickly Deborah was recovering and restoring. Nevertheless, Deborah went home on her own feet after a week in the hospital. In two weeks, she was fully recovered from the stroke. She was back to normal life.

Deborah is 83 years old now. Michael and Eva just maintain her well being energetically on everyday basis to have their mom in a good health.

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